#2 : Watch out for that snapping sessilifolia!


Drosera sessilifolia was one of the first sundews I ever grew from seeds, the other two being Drosera capensis ‘Red form’, and Drosera burmannii ‘Humpty Doo’.  I obtained the seeds from the ICPS seedbank and sowed the seeds in mix of equal parts peat and sand.  This plant has done very well for me in my conditions, and I have managed to get it to color up very nicely as you can see above by giving it intense lighting and cutting back on feeding, as feeding encourages speedy new growth that may not have time to color up (pictured at the bottom of the page).

One of the main reasons I love Drosera sessilifolia is because of its ability to rapidly trap insects that get tangled in its snap tentacles.  They fold over pulling the unfortunate insect into the center of the leaf in a matter of seconds.  You can see for yourself below :

Below you can see a plant that was growing in not that intense of lighting, as well as being fed to give it enough energy to go through flowering.  This has caused the plant to have a greener appearance.

U sandersonnii blue putting up some nice little flowers
Drosophyllum lusticanum ‘Los Barrios’ grown from seeds.  These guys smell like honey!
Probably time to repot this pot of capensis alba
Drosera omissa, one of the prettier pygmies, with small beautiful pink flowers to match


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